J'ai travaillé avec eux ou pour eux,

voyez ce qu'ils en pensent.



I worked for them or with them,

let' discover what they think.

Judy Martialay

Isabelle Barth is the Editor for French for my forthcoming book, Bonjour! Let’s Learn French.

She has been prompt, professional and courteous. She has looked at the manuscript several times, and made excellent suggestions. Being fully bilingual, she has an excellent command of both French and English. She made corrections that, even as a French major, I had been unaware of, and I am grateful to her for this.

I have full confidence in her expertise. Her rates are very reasonable. She has been cheerful, positive, and a pleasure to work with.


                                     Judy Martialay


Mihi quidem Antiochum, quem audis, satis belle videris attendere. Hanc igitur quoque transfer in animum dirigentes.


ils ont appris les langues avec nous, découvrez ce qu'ils disent.


They learn languages with us, let's discover what they say